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The Choice of Geotextile Material
Date:2009-04-28 Number:3213
Our industry had never take much care about the importance of the geotextile material selection, we always employ PET, because its scope of application is outer of 3 to 9. It also good in UV-resistance and high temperature resistance. However, with the improvement of people"s living standards and environmental awareness, the strengthening of safety awareness, in the face of landfills or other strong alkaline project, they begin to choice PP materials.

The selection of such materials is not only related to the design but also involves the construction. For example as the choice of PH>9 or acid PH<3, such as landfill and the tailings dam, witch possibility of strong acid and strong alkali, so the choice of the geotextile should be corresponding. For the strong alkali we can use the PP, and the strong acid use the pet.

Another example of gravel fill, in the past also stressed in the design of grading, which does not exceed the maximum number of particle size. In order to prevent the large size of the packing came together, and propose to control the content of a certain size. Now faced with the application of geosynthetics, not only need to consider the same issue of the above-mentioned selection, But also pay close attention to the laying of the pre-compaction (roller-ping) and the dumping thickness of fill after the laying, the compaction methods and the function. These are in order to prevent the geomembranegeogrid damaged, but also need to determine the field test.

Also, in recent years to lay geomembrane or stacked in the open and long-term ultraviolet radiationso aging suffered accidents occur from time to time. Reference to the situation of the foreign productions, in the future the geomembrane will be add carbon black 2~3. This is not only not to the increase in the cost of production , but also to improve quality, conducive to the composite geotextile with white, the film more easily to found the holes and so on, can be nipped in the bud.

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