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Successful development of carding machine of the width 3750mm
Date:2009-09-23 Number:3371
Domestic W1204-type of the width 3750mm carding machine was successfully developed recently in Zhengzhou Textile Machinery, and through technical appraisal. This marks the Zhengzhou Textile Machinery Spun lace Nonwovens equipment improve the technical standard. This machine¨s width is 3750mm, add 1250mm as the quondam machine. Yield add 50, the energy expenditure of the spun lace line which with this carding can reduce 30.
It is understood that why W1204-type carding machine in the leading position because of its five characteristics: First, the model uses feed cotton board home、large-diameter feed roller、double cylinder、double doff、double-pool structure; Second, the roller is a sub-wall and rack integrated design simplifies the rack and sub-wall structure, easy to install; Third, the transfer roller, cylinder, work rolls, stripping roller end-use hair systems to effectively prevent the generation of wall flowers, reliable performance, more efficient; Four, a unique sliding door casing structure, and makes maintenance more convenient cleaning; Five, a suction-point distribution, streamlined casing airflow in the same direction with the comb area, air balance, reduce flying.
In addition, from Zhengzhou Textile Machinery, held W1204-type carding machine promotion will understand that the aircraft had cotton experiment, from polyester, viscose blended raw materials into carding, from spun-laced entanglement to drying, from the winding into the cloth, the entire production process less than 1 minute. The presence of Spunlace Nonwovens production enterprises in Zhengzhou Textile Machinery signed on behalf of the spot with three sets of this type of carding machines.
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