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Intellegent Attemper Non-woven Fabric
Date:2009-04-28 Number:3771
Recentlyan intelligent attemper non-woven fabric which can auto adjust follow the change of the temperature came forth.. This amazing production employ the phase change material which research and development by Beijing Julong Bofang academy of sciences, and making by Shanghai Yidong Non-woven manufacture Ltd.

The intelligent attemper use the fabric with have the function of heat accumulation. Can form the body"s internal micro-climate and environment, when the environment temperature or the body temperature reach the range of thermal storage elements, the attemper fabric can store a certain heat, when the temperature comes lower the fabric will release the heat. The charger of Yidong said, this production use the common fabric paint the phase change material with microcapsule. This production can widely used in adorn in the automobilegarmenthome textilefootqearglove, it must be a promising market. It is said this intelligent attemper non-woven fabric is domestic first. One famous clothing enterprises in Beijing has employ this fabric in making police clot to inspect it.

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