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The opportunity of the medical non-woven fabric exports
Date:2009-05-04 Number:1833
Experts said that with the "swine flu" struck, protective masks and other medical supplies will continue to keep demand growth, medical textiles, especially the non-woven industry will have enormous opportunities
The outbreak of the ¡°swine flu¡± will be a test for the global economy. But the insiders have
pointed out that the ¡°swine flu¡± will bring tremendous business opportunities for the medical textiles, especially the non-woven industry. A number of masks enterprises have already said that at full capacity, and also increase the volume of orders.
Protective supplies demand is growth. The principal of Qingdao Mei-ting knitting mask factory Zhao yuan introduced that ¡°swine flu¡± incident, the plant running at full capacity production machines, domestic wholesalers one after another to make orders, the momentum of mask orders surge in the number of basic daily 50,000~200,000 between.
However, Guangzhou Green Jia non-woven products Co., Ltd express, ¡°swine flu¡± incident is not yet clear, enterprise can not disrupt the normal work of blind mass produced masks. However, ¡°swine flu¡± incident also contains protective masks and other supplies slowly outcrop in demand, the current can be closely and then look for hot sales.
Non-woven fabric exports added 50 in three years. Statistics show that the national output from 490,100 tons in 2006 to 765,100 tons in 2008, add 56.13.
Specific terms from the industry ,¡°swine flu¡±was inspired to the business to make more efforts on the functionality of the product. From the consumer perspective, to enhance the consumer¡¯s cognitive dimension for disinfecting wet wipes, sterile non-woven wet towel supplies , one-time health care awareness and improve the use of a one-time rate of goods. With the ¡°swine flu¡± epidemic, textiles particular the industrial industrial textiles, the demanded of clothing will be a substantial increase, the opportunities to expand export for the domestic textile enterprises is in the eyes.
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