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The new EU barriers will effect many of China's textile exports
Date:2009-06-03 Number:1687

Following is the implementation of the REACH regulation, the EU s "energy product eco-design Framework Directive" will be launched in January 2010 as many as five of the specific implementation measures.

On June 1, 2008 introduced the REACH regulations, the Chinese name for "Chemicals Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and restrictions and regulations", related to chemical raw materials and products, textiles, toys and other industries more than 10 industry of 10 millions products,

A wide range of products affected which were exported to EU, The high level of registration laws and regulations, data, and "high concern substances" such as the cost of testing will greatly increase the cost of doing business, it does a high pressure for doing business with low profit.

January 2010 will be the introduction of specific measures to implement the European Union " products with eco-design Framework Directive", Of products in raw materials procurement, manufacturing, packaging, transport, use and end-of-life, such as within the entire product life cycle impact on the environment have put forward higher requirements ,will give home appliances, information technology equipment, electric appliances, such as toys and lighting industry a big impact.

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