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The global demand of l non-woven fabric on 2012 will be 8,000,000 tons
Date:2009-06-03 Number:2034
U.S. market research firm Freedonia Group forecastsNon-woven fabric of the global demand of 6.9 annual growth rate, demand in 2012 will increase to 8,000,000 tons.Medical care, use disposable diapers, such as the demand for health care is expected to increase.
According to the market, China, India, Turkey and Russia and other developing countries is expected to increase demand. 2012 China will account for 36 of the total increase, which will exceed the United States as the world"s largest market.
Judging by the production methods, Demand in 2007 the largest number of melt-blown non-woven materials in medical, spunbond / meltblown nonwoven composite fields will continue to increase demand.And as a result of the price advantage of air non-woven, In cloth, table cloth, filters, hospital mattresses, adult diapers and other paper materials, such as the use of health needs will be expanded.
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