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Improve the fiber price
Date:2009-06-18 Number:1722
The world"s leading manufacturer of man-made fibers Su-fiber Lenzing Austria Group announced to raise fiber prices and with immediate effect.
As the fiber¨s price is very low, the raw material price is rising. So the company must increase the fiber price.
Prices will have an impact on the entire fiber portfolio, including textile fibers and fiber non-woven fabric. Different fibers and fiber products in different price range, but at least 7 percent increase.
Austria Lenzing Group is an international group of companies headquartered in Austria, the production of all major markets around the base, with a global network of sales and marketing offices. Lenzing Group, the global textile industry and non-woven fabric industry with high-quality cellulose fibers. The company is a leading provider of a wide range of industries, suppliers ranging from special cellulose fibers to plastic polymer products.
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